How to record 4K Video on Galaxy Note 5

How to record 4K Video on Galaxy Note 5

Samsung has brought, for the first time, the cool feature of recording 4K Video on Galaxy Note 5. But still Samsung has put some limitations on recording the 4K videos. We will here discuss how to remove these restrictions and get the most of the capability of Galaxy Note 5 4K recording feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 got an appreciating review in the market for several reasons. Its large and improved design and display with upgraded S Pen truly reshaped the Note concept of Samsung. Among the same features its camera remains at the top. It is made powerful and feature rich without any need to explain further. But going in some details, the device friendly camera features are made with some restriction which you may not like to have.

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It is actually about to extend the certain limitation using the Galaxy Note 5. The camera features of the Note 5 are kept balanced by default. Thus, when you open its 4K video recording facility on its camera it shows warnings about certain things. For instance, keeping the thermal throttling balanced it warns you that your device may get hot. Also it tells you the space for your video and the restrictions in recording duration.

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Though these restrictions don’t stop you using the full features of its camera but you may get the most out of it. For instance, as an alternative it gives you video results in compressed format but it will affect the results and ultimately the viewing experience. But running on Android Lollipop OS it may not be appropriate for some genius users to care about restrictions. Thus thanks to the third party developers who did it and shared at XDA Forum. The camera app is now hacked to remove these restrictions and provide you the best camera experience with high results without any interruption. Here is how you can make use of it.

How to remove default limitations to record 4K video on Galaxy Note 5

Step 0.   Take backup of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device.

Step 1.    First of all you need is to root your Galaxy Note 5. For this download the Nobel Kernel by Manh_IT from here. You can find some steps to root your phone in the below image.

How to root Galaxy Note 5 to enable 4K Video recording


Step 2.    Now download file and extract the SamsungCamera4.apk.

Step 3.    Now navigate to system/apps/SamsungCamera4 through file explorer. Replace the old file with new SamsungCamera4.apk and don’t forget to set permission to rw-r-r.

Step 4.    Now just restart your Galaxy Note 5 and go to the camera app. You will hopefully notice the change and find a KRM mark at shutter icon. If you find the mark, this means you have successfully installed the mod and now you can use the 4K video recording feature on Galaxy Note 5 to the full extent. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.