iFixit Sony Xperia Z5 teardown shows the powerful hardware inside

iFixit Sony Xperia Z5 teardown shows the powerful hardware inside

Sony Xperia Z5 has shiny and impressive looks outside, but does it carry the same inside? To find out you would need a Xperia Z5 teardown. But wait for a moment; before you dare tearing down your Xperia Z5 here we bring some pictures for you from iFixit, which has built its reputation in this regards. The tear down pictures show the different parts of the Sony flagship laying on table for you. If you find it that much fascinating inside, then you can go ahead with your own Xperia Z5 but at your own risk.

The process of teardown is quite common as we have seen many other devices that met the same treatment. First we have the SIM card tray removed from the slot, this task looks simple. Now in next, to soften the adhesive the device’s back cover is heated up. After that a suction cup with the help of metal tool makes the cover of Z5 cracking apart.

As we have seen in previous Sony devices each and every part is packed neatly. The arrangement of parts is impressive inside the assembly. Thus placing parts after they were removed for any reason seem a bit easy job. Here you will find many parts visible on first look while some other tiny areas need a little finding.

Among the areas that we can point out in first look include the heat pipes. The two copper pipes actually work as heat sink and cool down components that heat up easily. With these heating pipes, your devices remains cool through hard jobs like making 4K video recording.

Though you may not find many tiny parts out of the pics but they are really present there. What you should assume to be there include Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and a 3GB RAM. There is also a 23megapixel camera on rear and 2900mAh battery that you should not have any trouble finding on your Xperia Z5.

You can learn the Sony Xperia Z5 teardown at iFixit official in very simple steps.

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