iOS 9 adoption rate hits 66%, continues to outpace iOS 8

iOS 9 adoption rate hits 66%, continues to outpace iOS 8

Despite many issues reported initially with the iOS 9, the iOS 9 adoption rate is quick, The progress is fast, growing with a faster pace with every new step, Apple might have not brought a revolution with each new version of its iOS but every new package proves well to be a bigger success then the predecessor. Here again, with the newly introduced iOS 9 what we observe is another success story with stronger market performance as compared with older iOS including the iOS 8.

According to the details provided by Apple, the new iOS 9 which was introduced in the market during September event has shown a remarkable adoption pace. The details are made public as Apple went to update its developer page. The details suggest that about 66 percent of Apple devices are running over the new iOS 9 now. Although this may be due to the reason Apple is quickly stopping signing in for the older versions of iOS.

The development is quite stunning as the stats were showing about 61 percent devices just half a month ago. And now we have the news about iOS 9 breaking the previous marks in iOS adaptations very abruptly. This iOS 9 adoption rate is abrupt when we compare the statistics with what we have noted last year with the iOS 8 adoption rate.

The iOS 8 came last year after a long wait and accompanied by a huge show by Apple. But still it was only until the end of November when we noted the adaptation of the iOS 8 hitting 60 percent. And the 64 percent was the adaptation rate by late December. And the pace noted with the iOS 9, at the 66 percent was just crossed in January this year after reaching 68 percent.

There are a number of improvements that are mainly behind the rising iOS 9 adaptation rate including newly introduced features. And what is being sought as the main reason is the security level provided in the iOS 9. Other improved looks and responsive features have played their part too.

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