Apple iPad Pro

Video: Apple iPad Pro unboxing with first impression

With the launch of Apple iPad Pro this season, Apple expends its iPad size a little more. The iPad Pro, launched besides the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, comes to be the biggest ever Apple iPad. With its large 12.9inch display you can find the iPad Pro about 78 percent bigger than the iPad Air 2. However with larger size Apple brings more features and improved looks. Here we are to find out.

There are a number of areas that can drag your attention to the iPad Pro besides the extended size and display. Inside the iPad Pro there is the latest A9X processor which is backed up by RAM of 4GB with internal storage of up to 128GB. Thus high internal specs, stylish design and large display with 2732x2048pixel resolution you will get a perfect piece out of Apple iPad.

With first look at the design of the iPad Pro we find a massive but looking slim device. In thickness it is just 6.9mm and despite the huge size it is just around 712.14g in weight. At the bottom end you can find the charging port with speaker holes on both ends. For rich multimedia experience Apple has included four speakers, two on each end.

You can locate the volume rocker with ports for new Small Connector and microphone on one side. The new Smart Connector allows you to connect the Smart Keyboard which comes with the iPad Pro. On back side there is the 8megapixel camera lens while on front its 1.2megapixel camera is visible.

Its rear camera can capture snaps and record 1080pixel videos with support from improved camera app. Also not to forget with Smart Keyboard there is the Apple Pencil which gives you new ways to interact with your iPad Pro. There are several worth exploring features on iPad Pro which you can enjoy in this cool video by Dom Esposito.

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