Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stand is available for Just $19.99

Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stand

With more accessories introduced in the market you can use your wearable the way you want it. Let say, you want to convert your smartwatch to replace your table clock. Here is a nice accessory you can try out. All Microsoft Band 2 users can now simple makes their wearable replacing the table clock after using its newly introduced charging stand.

The Microsoft Band 2 charging stands even works beyond being another table clock for you. It works even better, being a charging stand it can look a stylish table clock. For perfect and smart looks the cables of the charging stand are hidden from view. Also the magnetic base enables you to easily attach it to a surface and detach it easily, when you want.


The Band 2 charging cable is made available for sale on Microsoft Store with price tag of $19.99. The price tag is attractive enough but they are only for the stand. The charging cable is not included in the package. However you can use the cable that comes out of the box with the Microsoft Band 2. Thus you may use your current cable or purchase one separately if you want to have it the Charging Stand.

The Microsoft Band 2 has recently received updates introducing some new features. After getting the updates on the wearable you can connect to music apps on your smartphone. This allows the user to control the music app on the smartphone using the Band 2.

Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stand

With new updates you can also skip tracking on the Microsoft Band 2. The active reminders can also monitor you activities and remind you about your health. The smart and handy charging stand is quite simple to use and can simple makes your wearable useful in another way. The light weight also makes it easy keeping with you while traveling.

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