Apple iPad Pro VS Microsoft Surface Pro 3 VS MacBook Air

This year has really been important for the tech industry. From different Smartphones to wearables and to mobiles and laptops; we have seen many new advancements.

Similarly, the big names like Microsoft and Apple have continued their stride towards progress. Both the companies are giving deafening competition to each other. Apple was considered as a sole giant of the tech industry. But, Microsoft has been establishing itself firmly in the industry.

Tablets having the properties and capabilities of a laptop, have been the concept of many tech companies for long time now.

For Apple, when it started production of its range of iPads; the concept was fairly old but the ideas were novel. Thus, the idea got rejuvenated and attracted positive consideration in production of the new Apple iPad Pro.

The new Pro is made to bring the iPad closer to laptop. Thus, loaded with several productive and entertaining features; it will keep you away from your laptop for certain tasks. And, the time you spent on your new iPad will be fairly a good one.

The iPad Pro, as we came to know yesterday, is made larger, powerful and more sleek and stylish. With accessories like Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil the functionality of the new device has increased considerably. Inside the new tech wonder, you will find all office tool and productivity apps. The addition of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop will bring a fresh experience into iOS.

Apple iPad Pro Unboxing and early impressions
Apple iPad Pro

The fresh environment and nice adaptations aside, many of the expertise area as claimed by iPad Pro already exists in the market. Thus, the key devices to compare the ingenuity of iPad Pro; are the Surface Pro of Microsoft and the Apple’s very own MacBook Air.

Microsoft’s latest Pro 3 is already giving Apple a tough competition. All the sale scales and charts are bending towards the Microsoft. To be fair and frank, the Surface Pro 3 can be considered better and more effective than the Apple’s range in any way possible. We can compare the three technology giants; including iPad Pro; which can be thrown for a good measure of difference between the trio. Although, iPad Pro has a slight difference in category with the other two mentioned; but it is the strong competitor to.

By comparing key areas of all three we can find many ups and downs and the best device to choose from.


macbook-air 2016 with 15 inchj
macbook Air 2016

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First of all, considering the load your pocket has to face when buying one, we believe that the iPad Pro is  little costly than it ought to be and also when compared with others. It is available at $1,067, including Keyboard and stylus. Against the iPad Pro the Surface Pro 3 has a price tag of $928 with keyboard; and MacBook Air alone costs $999.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3


The display of iPad Pro, 12.9 inch, has beaten the Surface Pro 3 carrying 12.0 inch. But, both face defeat when compared with the MacBook Air’s 13.3 inch exotic display. Apart from the size, its display carries more pixels with 2,732×2,048 resolution.


Well, for those who think that this head doesn’t mean anything? There are many people out there who are very choosy when it comes to laptop and gadgets. I, myself, am always interested in such devices which are lightweight and easy to carry.

This area has obviously the iPad as winner, but the Surface Pro being a complete laptop is not far behind. Apple iPad Pro has a total mass of 1.57 pounds which is equal to 713 grams. The Pro 3 has a weight of 1.76 pounds (798 grams) plus additional 2.42 pounds for keyboard cover. Last, but not the least, MacBook Air has 2.96 pounds which is slightly heavy and equals to 1.35kg.


As mentioned above, all the three devices have their bout of excellence. The Surface Pro is considered as the Microsoft’s best redemption to all the previous tech disasters. The way the device can convert from laptop to a tablet is amazing. The built-in kickstand and attachable keyboard cover are the best accessory any tablet-cum-laptop could ever get. It seems so genuine, and effective that different famous tech experts like to call it a laptop instead of a tablet or a convertible. You might have noticed that we mentioned that above, too!

As for Pro 3, its keyboard can attach through the help of magnets at two different points. Cool enough? The trackpad is large and has nearly no friction than its predecessors from Apple.

Now, comes the MacBook Air which is elegant as ever. This category has no clear winner, as it depends upon the users’ choice of hardware which makes the device an ultimate winner. If we consider the above two with regard to Air, than obviously the majestic MacBook is a proper laptop. But, then again, sadly in cannot be detached or folded or used in any angle you want.


An inside view gives us a completely different scenario. Against the 1.4 GHz Core i3 of Surface Pro and 1.6 GHz Core i5 of MacBook Air Apple has its very own A9 on iPad Pro. Tim Cook claimed at the event that it is more powerful than 80 percent of PCs operating system.


Apple iPad Pro a storage capacity of 32 GB which is fairly good for a convertible. If we come down to compare the two laptop, Microsoft’s giant has got 64GB storage memory with stunning 4 GB RAM. Both the factors are enough to convince the audience to buy this device. Now, comes the winner of this category; Apple Macbook Air. Air has got whooping 128GB memory storage hold along with the 4GB of RAM.


Here comes the point where we have to brag about all the mysterious things a device can do. But, if comes to the genuine approach of the three devices mentioned in the list, everyone knows that Apple has its own ways of going on top; one way or other.

Surface Pro 3 has improved in a lot of years. The new device is the testament of the increasing efficiency of the company. But, the device is good for the users who already have laptop and want a surplus but good device.

Apple’s simple, all-the-time-same kind of software has its own perks. Windows 8.1 are considered hectic among masses. Those, who wish to analyze their laptops and tablets in depth find new Windows hard to learn. To get the most out of the new Pro 3, you would have to understand Windows Store apps, and use features such as Snap view and OneDrive cloud storage integration. So, if you are not a big fan than opt for Apple’s MacBook Air.


Battery is the most important aspect when it comes to the choice of the best gadget. Here, we are taking about the maestros of the gadget industry, not some simple laptops. We, all know that, nowadays, an increase in performance comes with a weak battery life. Let’s see how the devices have fared when it comes to battery.

Apple iPad Pro, expected to do a lot better, has got a battery life of 10 hours; as per the official estimate. While, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has not so attractive battery life. According to various battery draining test, it can work up to 7 hours and 30 minutes of constant use. Similarly; Apple MacBook Air has got a whooping battery time of 18 hours.


If we consider the performance of the three devices, than the trio in competition has different specializations. All the three has a large potential customer base. Although, MacBook and Apple iPads have a fairly large fan following, Microsoft has its own user base too.

Apple iPad Pro can be considered as the hybrid which has productivity and a sensual feel to too. The device was reported to be a big “NO” for practical uses, but it has managed to work well in everyday life. The only big issue is that the app switching and the management of the files are little awkward. They could have been much better if considered more keenly by the developers.

The Surface Pro 3 has a charm. It works great when used with the Keyboard cover. The laptop rendition feels homier to the Windows than the tablet option. All in All, Pro 3 has the best combination of the functions and provide great experience; specifically for the Windows lover.

The MacBook Air is our mainstream, traditional tablet. It is easy to use and has the best touchpad any laptop has ever got.


The Three of the above mentioned devices have their own worth. As mentioned, all of them are perceived and well known for different factors.

If we see the detailed specifications and performance clearly, Microsoft Surface Pro lies exactly between iPad Pro and MacBook Air. This means that the device is both fairly justifying both laptop and tablet. For me, Surface Pro is a breath of fresh air for all Apple and Windows OS users. Those, who have been using Windows for decades, will find this device quite mainstream yet rejuvenating at the same time. While, for Apple users, the device would be a good and appealing new change.

Do you own any of the above devices; Microsoft Surface Pro 3, MacBook Air or iPad Pro? Do you plan on buying them any of them soon? Tell us about your views too.

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