Outdoor Alexa Speakers

We all know that Amazon Alexa devices are very helpful in performing our daily tasks by connecting wirelessly to other smart devices. One of Amazon Alexa’s best devices is its Echo or Echo dot speakers. Outdoor Bluetooth speakers are really helpful when you are away from the wifi range, you can easily connect the Outdoor speaker Alexa to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Usually, Alexa speakers are used when pairing them with Alexa-enabled devices or controlling your smart devices, or playing music at home through your voice. Amazon Bluetooth speakers can play music, and Spotify while you are outside your home with the help of Bluetooth, here we have reviewed the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers for your assistance.

Alexa-enabled outdoor speakers

We have listed the Outdoor Alexa speakers.

  • Sonos one 2
  • Sonos move
  • Sonos roam
  • Bose portable smart speaker
  • Bose Home speaker 500
  • OontZ Angle 3 Shower Plus Bluetooth Speaker
  • JBL Flip 6

Outdoor Alexa Speakers

Sonos One (Gen 2)

 outdoor speaker Alexa

Sonos one(Gen 2) is one of the best outdoor wireless speakers that work with Alexa that has almost all of the same features that the Echo offers, but it is not a portable Bluetooth speaker. The battery pack pushes up to nine hours of playback while the SonosOne is rechargeable, making it handy. Since it is battery-supported, it isn’t always awaiting your command. You can control it with Alexa, the Sonos app, and Apple Airplay 2 in order to activate it. You can place it in washrooms as it is humidity resistant

The large Bluetooth speaker is amongst the best Alexa-enabled outdoor speakers. Though the Echo Dot may work across rooms, the Sonos One is known for its ability to work almost everywhere. Like the Dot, it can even deliver news, order food, provide weather reports, and more while connected to Wi-Fi. It can stream and play music from various services including Prime Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio via Wi-Fi. Also, it can play music from your phone or tab via the AirPlay 2 or Sonos app. The Sonos One is completely hands-free.

The SonosOne features dual stereo speakers for omnidirectional audio, which frankly are quite powerful for their size. It is the most mobile of the Alexa-enabled speakers and has great hours of battery life. You may also purchase the device for $197.99 on Amazon. However, you will need Wi-Fi access to use outdoor Bluetooth speakers with many features.

Sonos Move

 outdoor speaker Alexa

Sonos Move is amongst the battery-power Bluetooth speakers as well as the best outdoor Alexa speakers but it also supports WiFi. It comes in a Lunar white color. The setup is easy and You can control it with Sonos App, Apple Airplay 2, and Alexa. It can easily survive in harsh weather like, humid, cold, rainy, or dusty due to its IP56 rating. It has high-quality sound with rich bass—one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

Outdoor speaker Alexa

Sonos Roam

 outdoor speaker Alexa

Sonos Roam is one of the best affordable Alexa speakers outdoor that is light in weight with clear crisp sound. You can use the Alexa speaker without wifi via Bluetooth wherever you go. As the speaker is wifi enabled, you can control the speaker with the Sonos app, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, and Google Assistant. The Amazon Bluetooth speaker is waterproof (IP 67), survives underwater, and can also use as a shower speaker.

Moreover, the Bluetooth speaker has a USB-C port for charging. Sonos roam is one of the best outdoor Alexa speakers.

Bose Speakers with Alexa

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

 outdoor speaker Alexa

Bose is amongst the outdoor wireless speakers that work with Alexa the voice assistant. East to handle, It is available in black color. You can use Bluetooth speakers outside the home without wifi, and control them, listen to what you want with your smartphone or tablet. Bose is one of the best Amazon Bluetooth speakers with clear sound that are light in weight and battery-powered. The battery life of the Bluetooth speaker is up to 12 hours.

In addition, Bose Bluetooth shower speaker is a waterproof outdoor Alexa speaker as it is water resistant, with an IPX4 rating protecting it from bad falls and splashes. The battery life of the outdoor Alexa speaker is up to 12 hours.

Bose Home Speaker 500:

outdoor speaker alexa

Do you want to get rid of large acoustic speakers? Bose Home speaker 500 solves this problem. You can use bose with Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi via the Alexa app. Bose is the best outdoor Alexa Bluetooth speaker without wifi. You can pair your device and Stream your favorite music on Bose smart Bluetooth speaker by connecting with WiFi, Apple Airplay 2, or Spotify. Install Bose Music app for convenience. You can take or have a call with Bose Bluetooth speaker. Bose Home speaker 500 is the best outdoor speaker Alexa.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker

outdoor alexa speakers

Bose sound link revolve series 2 is one of the best outdoor Alexa speakers. The Bluetooth speaker is small in size but has a loud deep sound of around 360 degrees. The loud Bluetooth speaker is dust and water-resistant IP55 so you can also call it a Bluetooth shower speaker. The outdoor speaker has a battery life of up to 13 hours with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Bose sound link revolve is a Bluetooth speaker with a microphone so that you can access your Alexa enable devices and take calls as well as hands-free.

OontZ Angle 3 Shower Dual Bluetooth Speaker

outdoor speaker Alexa

OOntz Angle 3 is one of the best dual Bluetooth speakers. It is totally waterproof making it a shower speaker. Install the Alexa app on your phone and press the button on the Oontz speaker and ask Alexa to run music, control smart devices, check weather reports and get news reports. It features a brilliant sound quality speaker with a 100ft wireless range. The battery lasts up to 14 hours on one charge. it is one of the best Amazon Alexa accessories.

How to control OOntz angle 3 to Alexa?

You can control OOntz Angle 3 to Alexa by just installing Alexa app on your phone and pressing the button on your OOntz speaker.

Dual Bluetooth speakers

JBL Flip 6

Amazon bluetooth speaker outdoor

If you are looking for dual Bluetooth speakers for camping or other outdoor activities then JBL flip 6 is the best choice. The portable Bluetooth speaker delivers crisp, vivid, and clear sound and is easy to carry while traveling. It lets you pair two or more JBL-compatible speakers while you are traveling, outdoors or at home

Most importantly, it is a waterproof and dust proof Bluetooth speaker with an IPX7 rating. You can play the Bluetooth speaker for 12 hours on a single charge.

Moreover, the outdoor Bluetooth speaker can connect wirelessly to two smartphones and tablets in the meantime. It consists of a mini stand for support and protects it from rolling.


Outdoor Speaker Alexa

JBL Charge 5 is the best portable Amazon Bluetooth speaker outdoor. The Bluetooth speaker is IP67 waterproof and pretty resistant to dust. With its handy built-in power bank, you can get up to 20 hours of playtime on a single charge. Another upgrade from the JBL 4, is the addition of a separate tweeter (this feature wasn’t there in the JBL Charge 4) and the usual dual bass radiators. Moreover, thanks to its smartphone-charging facility you don’t need to bother yourself about plugging in a formal charge. JBL 5 is the loudest outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

Ultimate Ears blast

Ultimate Ears Blast is an outdoor speaker Alexa that is portable and supports wifi. Ultimate Blast is one of the best battery power Bluetooth speakers that come in Night Black. The wireless Bluetooth amplified speaker features 360-degree crystal clear sound quality with a built-in microphone. The battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. The outdoor speaker with Alexa is an IP67 water and dust-proof Bluetooth speaker. With one touch of a button, you can play, stop or skip any music.

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