This entire decade has been the core age of technological advancements. When it comes to software development and updating, Microsoft has been playing the role from the forefront in the global market. Not quite far behind is another big name Apple. Apple has made an apex of its brand name in the development of cutting edge, high tech phones and gadgets. You can also compare the Siri and Google Now.

Unboxing an Apple‘s iPhone gives you a bundle of nice surprises. One of Apple’s exclusive flabbergasting innovation is “Siri”– the chic virtual assistant. The virtual assistants are quickly becoming a need for iPhones or computer users. They helps you to accomplish your most important tasks efficiently and without much hassle.

We have a bunch of new and old, effective and ineffective virtual assistants. The Siri from Apple; and Cortana from Microsoft hold a fierce competition. Both are unflagging as well as they are offering enormously helping features from time to time to facilitate its users. They give you human like interaction and provide intelligent assistance in day to day tasks and assignments. Lets get a little deep inside these two virtual assistants to learn more about their functionality and features.


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Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant:

The virtual assistant Cortana is a part of Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 10. Cortana is also used with Xbox One and Android these days.

The Cortana was initially introduced  in 2009 when the Microsoft team interviewed human personal assistants to make a perfect model for Microsoft’s own new technology. Now by 2015, Microsoft has finally made Cortana available for Windows 10.

As observed from the new welcoming touch, Cortana assistant starts with a smiling greeting and a charming female voice. From the minute it starts, it never stops flooding you with knowledge and helping you with your important tasks.

Cortana Blue Female Assistant

From phone calls to setting up calendar and telling you a weather forecast, Cortana has done it all. Microsoft’s assistant is doing everything it can, to make your life easy. It provides you with accurate sports scores and you can set custom reminders for not missing any important meeting at any time.

Cortana can also help you to get the directions for a new mall or your office, making your journey easy. It is a free time loyal buddy, it can make jokes and can chat with you on simple topics; in your spare time. Just be careful not to be rude with it, it can warn you as well ! Interesting enough?

Cortana comes with a music service that has the ability to recognize the music. Other than that, If you give it a command for rolling a dice, then Cortana can also roll a dice for you.

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The notebook feature really helps a great deal in making your contacts, personal reminders and meetings safe. You can save any personal information in the notebook. You can also use the “Do Not Disturb” feature of Cortana and specify some peaceful time for yourself.


Cortana can amuse you with accurately predicting  the results of the games like NBA, Cricket Wold Cup and Football World Cup. Cortana can speak in the British accent as well, this can be a great feature for a UK national. A French actress has also added her voice for the UK English version of Cortana.

Siri By Apple:


Apple has a good reputation of developing spectacular products for its users, over the years. The Siri Virtual Assistant is also a pure reflection of Apple’s great efficiency. The great Siri does not lag so far behind when compared to the Microsoft Cortana. The design and features somewhat differ between the two luminaries; but no one can underestimate the usefulness of Siri when it comes to helping an individual, personally in his life.

Siri provides individual searches, web services, notebook, speech and voice recognition, sports and weather features, all similar to Cortana. With the introduction of iOS iPhone 4S, Siri has been an integral part of the Apple’s products. It is available worldwide online on the Apple’s App Store.

The SIRI International Center for Artificial Intelligence has developed and made Siri as good as it can be for its users. Siri can use Google, Yahoo and Bing for the online search. The program has been designed specifically to  intelligently answer the questions of a user according to its high intelligence.


Siri has been fed with good knowledge to support its users.The female version of Siri is named as “Samantha” while the British version is called as “Daniel”, which is a male voice. “Karen” is the name of the charming assistant in the Australian version. All the important foreign languages are supported by Siri.

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It is worth mentioning that; Siri has not been warmly welcomed by some English speaking males and females who have different accents. Apple promises to make further voice recognition improvements in it. It was also reported that Siri has been known to send the user’s personal information to Apple like the nickname and song playlist of the person. Despite these problems , Siri has emerged as a strong competitor for Cortana.

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