iPhone 6s gets teardown treatment; shows dramatic results

iPhone 6s gets teardown treatment; shows dramatic results

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have been discusses heavily before their arrival in the market. They were also introduced in a little detail on September event by Apple. And also we had discussions, analysis and comments about the devices when users had their hands on them last days. Still many things remain covered and nothing can reveal them better then a teardown.

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Like its every detail, iPhone users are showing too much enthusiasm. Still, they are eager to know even more about new addition in their devices’ family. We have some renowned experts from iFixit dealing with iPhone 6S Tear down. They came up with their tricks and a lot of interesting info about the new iPhone 6S.

Right now we have both new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on the list to be treated. Here in this brief review we will discuss the internals of iPhone 6S. Next is the iPhone 6S Plus with its larger parts and even more details consequently. Read all the features of iPhone 6S in detail as well.

As it has copied the iPhone 6 in many spots especially on design things are similar internally too. Having a look under the core you will find the same arrangement of parts. A new thing to notice is the Taptic Engine which is included for 3D force touch feature in the iPhone 6S. It is similar to the Taptic engine in Apple Watch.

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Another part to notice is the battery which looks much smaller than the battery of iPhone 6. Its battery looks occupying less area thus making room for Taptic Engine. It is not only in the size, a slimmer battery means less power too. As we know the battery on new iPhone 6S is 1715mAh which is small as compare to 1810mAh battery of iPhone 6. There are also reduction in assembly cables from four to three in new iPhone 6S. Despite these few areas things almost looks similar inside.

Source and Credits: iFixit

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