Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Edge Is The Future Of Smartphones?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Edge Is The Future Of Smartphones?

The curved display concept by Samsung got much attention last year, but then it was something new when the Galaxy S6 Edge was released. This year’s Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t have that edge of innovation but still Samsung showed it off as a promising device among the curved edge companions. And, comparing with the Galaxy S7 which is more like the last year’s Galaxy S6 in the first look, the Galaxy S7 Edge features some key changes both in design language, curved edges, and main display. In this in-depth Galaxy S7 Edge review, we will go through the key areas of the Galaxy S7 Edge to find out the points where Samsung’s new curved display Galaxy flagship is going to make a difference.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Design Is The Unique Design In All Options

Accompanied by an equally powerful Galaxy S7, the design is the key factor that makes the distinct space for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Earlier the Galaxy S6 Edge was more like a clone of Galaxy S6 with the only difference of curves and it became a difficult choice for the Galaxy lovers to choose from. Later Samsung also introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in selected regions to add another choice to select from.

But this Year, Samsung has made the striking changes in the Galaxy S7 Edge specifications as compared to the Galaxy S7. For the best use of curves on both  sides, the curved edges now stretch away into the sides of the phone which keeps the device as compact as possible with a larger display area.

The rear face of Galaxy S7 Edge is covered by a single metal rim which runs around the curved edges. This seems to be a nice upgrade over the previous Galaxy flagships. The polished material on its rear makes the device slipping into your palm and gives a smooth feel with no sharp metallic edges.

On the front face it comes with the light in weight but exceptionally strong Gorilla Glass 4 covering. With less metal and a little plasticky feel, you may find it less premium as compared to other flagships. The lack of metallic feel on the rear face, however, opts for wireless charging which is one of the key features of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Its camera protrusion is well reduced that it is hardly noticeable while the phone is placed down. Also to mention, with clean and elegant design language the Galaxy S7 Edge is made waterproof with IP68 certification.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Display

Next to the elegant curved design, the Galaxy S7 Edge is all about display and anyone reviewing the Galaxy S7 Edge cannot finish without praising it. The 5.5-inch display panel is stretched a little more to make its curves a bit improved against preceding Galaxy S6 Edge. Its display comes with QHD resolution of 2560×1440 pixels which makes the display exceptionally sharp. Like other Galaxy flagships Samsung has used Super AMOLED technology in the Galaxy S7 Edge which seems working well.

The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with side display feature which you can access by swiping from either side of the display. The side display is nothing new but for Galaxy S7 Edge its role is redefined for easy access to news, contacts, and other useful tools.

The best part of the Galaxy S7 Edge display is the ‘always on’ feature which makes its display active for viewing time and notification without active use of battery power. Therefore, if you want to check an SMS or just clock, no need to wake the phone up. The feature yet includes a limited number of apps but Samsung also allows developers to enable their apps for always-on notifications manually.

Samsung is also working to make the edge display more useful with additional functions. Unlike the minimal functions on the Galaxy S6 Edge the curved side on the new Galaxy S7 Edge allows you to set favorite apps, open tools, see the weather and do much more. Also, you can increase the width of widgets to view more info on a single swipe.

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Galaxy S7 Edge Software and Interface

The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow the latest of updated OS version with many new features and looks. The Marshmallow features to introduce some new aspects to android running devices. Besides the new app permission system, Doze mode and other tweaks, the real Marshmallow feel can be noticed on the TouchWiz.

Samsung has mostly been behind others adopting the new Android features into its customized user interface. But with its Lollipop running devices Samsung tried to remain on the track with regular updates on its TouchWiz. The changes on the new Marshmallow flavored TouchWiz are quite minimal but still it gives a more responsive feel than before.

Heaving a look into Galaxy S7 Edge we can sport in the first look the blue sheds in the Quick Settings panel now replaced by crisp white. Also, the blue background of app folder is now refreshed with flat white, which gives a nice feel with other UI elements.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Performance and Storage

For hardware performance, Samsung has the Galaxy S7 Edge in two options, one for the US users, powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset while the second one powered by Exynos 8890 comes for users in another region. Though the units in either chipset option are equipped with same 4GB RAM but if you want to have it with LTE bands then it is only possible on the Snapdragon 820 version.

The storage is among the areas revised most in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. You can purchase the Galaxy S7 Edge with 32GB native storage but thanks to external storage support its capacity can be extended up to 200GB using microSD card. However, if you are not fond of external storage then you will miss the 64GB and 128GB versions of Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera

Samsung has reduced the megapixel counts on the Galaxy S7 Edge but for good reasons. Galaxy S7 Edge comes with multiple features that enable it to capture the best snaps even with 12-megapixels. Its camera comes with faster autofocus and improved low light performance which is achieved only by reducing pixels.

The Galaxy S7 Edge got a number of software tweaks that works for better snap capturing. Its camera is easily accessible with double-tap on the home button and also, you can capture snaps using the volume down button.

Samsung has followed an iPhone like language for the camera interface on the Galaxy S7 Edge. There are a number of similarities on the camera interface of both competing brands. For instance, Samsung has introduced Motion Photos which resembles Apple’s Live Photos feature.

For selfie lovers, the Galaxy S7 Edge brings a 5-megapixel front camera with screen flash to illuminate faces. Here again, the megapixel count is not to be mentioned which is quite average for quality selfies on high-end smartphones. The Galaxy S7 Edge camera improves your beauty in selfies with the dedicated beauty mode. You can apply effects on your selfies to make them brighter, smoother and you can even enlarge your eyes.

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As we discussed the impressive display on Galaxy S7 Edge, now let’s have an experience with its multimedia. The quality display with curves makes the Galaxy S7 Edge among the best devices for watching movies. Like any OLED screen device, the Galaxy S7 Edge is equipped with rich colors and strong contrast ratio. Also, the edge display on the Galaxy S7 Edge plays its best role while you are watching the movie.

For music lovers, the Galaxy S7 Edge plays heavy files with pretty good sound quality. You can feel the Hi-Res Audio on the Galaxy S7 Edge but it carries a single speaker on the bottom which may not work beyond exception. Samsung also doesn’t have a dedicated music player but you can use Google Music. Samsung’s Adapt Sound feature also plays a role in making the sound perfect for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge users were irked by the insufficient battery powers on their devices which were even shorter than the Galaxy S5 battery. To address the disappointed users Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 Edge with the 3600mAh battery. And as expected, it comes to be a nice adoption as the battery seems capable of running for most of the time.

Besides the recovery in the battery powers the new Galaxy flagships come with upgrades over both hardware and software to improve battery life. The Android Marshmallow on the Galaxy S7 Edge is equipped with Doze mode which considerably reduces battery juice consumption. Though you will not be able to use the Galaxy S7 Edge to its utmost level but the power saving mode can save battery to escape shutting down of your device before you recharge it.

Samsung has also considered other options to enable your device running most of the time without running out of battery juice. Fast Charging is one of such steps to enable the Galaxy S7 Edge to recharge up to the level in lesser time. The charger comes out of the box with your Galaxy S7 Edge which as per Samsung claims can recharge your device up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

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Concluding the Galaxy S7 Edge review we can find some shortcomings but they are well balanced with the many of its strong points. Thus, you will find the Galaxy S7 Edge hard to put down after considering the features where it has got the edge. Also, you may find the Galax S7 just like its award-winning predecessor with core features but the improved curved edge makes up its real place in the market. In short now you will have the Galaxy flagship with improved curved edge, larger display, and a stronger battery. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.