Why Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Apple Product Is Good

Why Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Apple Product Is Good

Why Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Apple Product Is Good

Refurbished products offer you the same functionality and guarantee similar features that a new product would. Buying a certified pre-owned apple product from a certified refurbished store is different from buying a second-hand phone or computer from your friend. 

If you are planning of buy a certified pre-owned Apple product, the quality of the product would be beyond your expectation. The only difference is that these products are cheaper and thus affordable. 

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Product?

A certified pre-owned apple product is one that is returned by a customer on finding technical discrepancies in terms of functionality or features. This functional gap is fixed either by the manufacturer or the reseller via a specialized technical professional. 

These products are made available for reselling after passing rigorous testing and rounds of quality checks. Apple follows a strict guideline framework when it is about selling a pre-owned MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or any other product. 

A certified pre-owned product has undergone multiple testing, cleaning, and quality-check phases. On detecting any fault, the product is repaired by a skilled technician with a core understanding of Apple products and their hardware architecture. 

It is recommended to buy a refurbished Apple product only from certified resellers to avoid post-purchase hazards. The used product that does not have any guarantee implications fails to prove its reliability. 

Buying and using a MacBook from a friend or a local reseller may or may not work as per expectations, but buying a refurbished Apple laptop from an Apple-certified online store or reseller guarantees better functionality and excellent technical health. 

As with any other product, refurbished items also come with their own set of pros and cons. This article mentions some of the benefits and disadvantages of buying a refurbished Apple product. However, the final decision on if you wish to buy a refurbished product is based on your personal choice and preferences. 

Let’s discuss the pros first. 

Pros of Refurbished Apple Products

Why Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Apple Product Is Good

Cost-Efficient & Affordable 

Who doesn’t want to purchase an Apple product while getting the chance to save money? Well, one of the reasons why one prefers to buy a refurbished product is cost saving. 

Even if you find a fluctuation in prices at various stores, you can save anything between 10% to 50% of the actual cost. 

If you are a student and don’t have a huge budget to buy a brand new MacBook or iPhone, you can buy a refurbished product while saving tons of money. You can save significantly while buying something that’s as good as a new MacBook Pro. 

Tested & Clean Device 

One of the significant benefits of buying a refurbished Apple product is that these products are thoroughly tested. A certified pre-owned Apple MacBook is cleaner than any other refurbished product as it undergoes multiple phases of testing and Cleaning.

Apple products have to go through a sterilization product to remove germs from inside and outside the device. This can be satisfying for many as it ensures that you get a cleaner device. 

Apple ensures that you get a scratch-free device when you are buying a refurbished product. However, there might be a few tiny scratches that you can compromise if you are getting it at a lesser price, but again the decision to buy the device is yours. 

Fully Functional Features

The features and functionality can never be compromised even if you are purchasing a refurbished product and Apple maintains that. Buying a pre-owned device can be the right decision as you get the same level of functional features as a new device can offer. 

Multiple quality checks ensure that you get high-quality standards without compromising anything. Your MacBook Pro would work similar to a new device and you will not find any kind of technical glitches, since the device is thoroughly tested. 

However, it’s always recommended that you buy a refurbished device only from certified Apple stores to avoid frauds and scams. Search thoroughly on the web and do not hesitate to contact the concerned support team, should you have any queries. 

Let’s now discuss the cons of buying a refurbished Apple product. 

Cons of Refurbished Apple Products

Why Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Apple Product Is Good

You Can’t Choose

When buying a refurbished Apple product, you probably won’t get a chance to select the model and have to buy what’s available in the inventory. You might be able to get the dream device, but you may have to compromise with color, screen size, storage, etc.

However, you can speak with the sales representatives in the store and explain to them what exactly you want to buy. They may be able to manage something similar from another store within a few days. 

Frauds & Scams 

Many individuals and websites claim to offer refurbished Apple products; however, the authenticity is not ensured. The risk and possibilities of fraud attempts and scams are always there; hence, make sure to buy from a certified Apple store only. 

Buying a non-certified Mac might lead to various issues, such as sluggish computer performance or a poor battery lifespan. You can read a post or two about fixing these problems, but there are no guarantees that you can manage to solve such issues yourself.

Always check for quality control seals and understand the return policies thoroughly before you buy a refurbished device. You can browse the web to find the list of certified refurbished sellers near you. 

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