Got PlayStation 4? Here’s how to setup PS4

Got PlayStation 4? Here’s how to setup PS4

Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

PlayStation 4 has been the talk of a town for over a year now. Sony’s tech marvel has gotten even better than before with refined features and super-exciting games to play. In the world where VR is a common thing, technology like PS4 seems hard to adjust. But, Sony PlayStation 4 has made its place stronger than before.

Christmas just passed away, and if you are gifted with the most powerful PlayStation in the world- the Sony PS4 than you would have to learn few things. There are plenty of things in this gaming console to be excited and you would certainly want to start right away. You will have to setup you PlayStation Account and a PS Plus subscription so you can start to play online. The process is excruciating and setting up the console needs attention.

Just to make it sure that the setup procedure is easy and simple for you, we have mentioned a complete step-by-step guide to setup PS4. Follow the process and your PlayStation 4 would be gunning before the time period you would have imagined;


Box Is Mandatory

 Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

Don’t ruthlessly unbox your PlayStation 4 in the thrill. The box is a compulsory part in the setting up so doesn’t tear it into pieces nor take the dangerous step like throwing it away. The box is a pre-designed carrying package for the PS console. It means that whenever you have to take your PlayStation somewhere, the box will work as a travelling case.

Attach Console To TV

 Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

The HDMI cable would be included in the complete PS package. Attach one part with your TV and the other part with the PS4 HDMI Out port. After connecting both PS4 and TV, connect the console to the satellite or cable box. It is necessary that there would be a HDMI cable prior to your setting, which would be connecting cable box to the TV.

Unplug the existing cable from the TV and plug the spare one to your console. The connection would directly be made where console’s “HDMI IN” port is present. After the connection between TV and console, and console and cable box is done plug the PS4 unit to a power source and adjust the batteries into a controller.

Switch on the TV and search the input that you used for your PS4.

Internet Connection For Unlimited Gaming Experience!

 Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

If you want to enjoy games like you have never before, than internet connection is necessary. Hardwiring your internet router or modem to the PS4 will suffice. To complete the internet connection between both devices you need an Ethernet cable. Keep in mind that cable is not the part of the PS4 package and you would have to use yours or buy a new one.

Connect one end of the cable to the LAN port to the PlayStation4 and the other end to a router or modem. If your internet connection to the PS4 is wireless, than follow all the commands and steps which are coming one after another on your screen.

Match Your Controllers

 Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

As soon as the connection with TV is done and the internet connection is fixed, you have to pair the controller with the PS4 console. A Micro USB console will come along with the PlayStation 4 package, use that to connect and press the “PS” button on the controller. That’s all your controllers are paired and that is the most vigorous and savoring duo you would have ever used.

Setup Your Account

Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

An account is necessary in order to keep count of all the in-app or game purchases you would do with their PS4. The setup procedure includes creating a PlayStation Network account, including your username, birth date and password, primarily. A password should be strong so that no one can hack your account.

The created account will store all the records of your purchases, so if you cannot get back to your account you would be in serious trouble. For safekeeping, write your password in some secret place so that if you forget you have another option to look upon. If you used any previous model of PlayStation and have already made your account, you can use that login details and information in the new PS4 too.

Download Apps, Install Updates and Bingo!

Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

Setting up also includes downloading all your preferred games and updates. Take few minutes to survey if any updates are pending. If there are updates, then the console would guide you how to update. Follow all steps for updating and restart the console when updates are complete.

After completing the updates, you can now download your favorite apps, games or any app you want to test. Download all, as per your choice, and get started.

Subscription To PlayStation For A Membership

Got PlayStation 4? Here's how to setup

In case you are interested in playing with multiple players, you need to subscribe to a PlayStation Now Membership. Get the membership there to reap all the benefits out of your PS4. Believe me it would be the most enthusiastic and thrilling game experience you would ever have.

This is the procedure all the over-eager PlayStation 4 owners would have to follow, before plunging right into their console. You need to follow these steps carefully for an everlasting experience with PS4. After you are done, don’t wait for anybody forgets the world and enjoy the never-ending fun rides of apps and games.

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