iOS 9 vs Android Marshmallow 6.0 : A new version of an old rivalry

iOS 9 vs Android Marshmallow 6.0 : A new version of an old rivalry

Both Android Marshmallow 6.0 and iOS 9 have been officially unveiled to the world. iOS 9 will likely be the first to debut in new devices,although of course, the newest version of Android will take more time than the overnight push of iOS. But how they stack up against each other? Find out below.

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  • User Interface

There is not a long list to describe about Android Marshmallow’s interface; it is more or less the same and retains the Material Design appearance of Android Lollipop. But, the new version has adopted few changes such as a revamped app drawer and refined clock, making Android look more nifty and sleek. The Lollipop interface was a complete overhaul of the Jelly Bean edition. However, only  slight changes are expected to be in the final release of Android Marshmallow.

A revamped app-drawer is a welcome change in Android Marshmallow
A revamped app-drawer is a much welcomed change in Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow is all about adding more user-facing controls and refining the changes. A new dark theme, modifiable Quick Settings and status bar tops the changes. Moreover, a shifting home screen, visual voicemail, refined task manager and simplified storage and battery representations are the refreshing novel additions of the new version.

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Banging in with the new font, iOS 9 is also keeping it all simple. However, a major enhancement in Apple’s next big thing is adding the much-touted ‘Intelligence’ to the OS’s newest iteration. This basically is tracking your touches in different areas of  iOS device. This helps in analyzing the usage of your device and location to shape different features to what you are doing. For example, if you plug in your headphones at the gym, iOS will directly open up your workout playlist.

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iOS 9 apperance is similar to previous iterations
iOS 9 apperance is similar to previous iterations

Apple has released a new API which enables developers to incorporate the search feature of iOS into their apps. So you can search for information within apps directly from the “Search” option and have it appear without accessing the apps themselves. For example, you can use iOS search to look for the meaning of a word in the Dictionary, app, or recipes in All Recipes, and your desired info will appear right there and then. Pretty handy! Nah?? Although this feature is way older in Android. I used it in HTC Explorer which ran Android 2.3, seems like Apple left it too late to incorporate it in iOS.

Multitasking support on the new iPad Pro is also a significant addition to the OS. There are some smart capabilities with the hardware of the new iPads and iPhones including real-time rendering at 60 fps.

  • Google Now VS Siri: Winner and Loser

Enhancements in the virtual-assistant technologies of both Android and iOS are a major battleground. Google and Apple both remain in strong brag mode when it comes up to thier voice-assistants.

Google Now’s new star feature for Android Marshmallow is “Google Now on Tap”, declared as Android’s coolest feature in the June. With the new incorporation, Google Now will understand the task you want it to perform based on the app you’re in. It works in the way, like, when you are searching for a contact in the Phone app and you say “Glenn Hoddle” the result will likely be you taken to Glenn Hoddle details saved in your Phone book.

Another scenario is you hold down the home/Google Now option while composing a text message when other person is inquiring for a decent restaurant to dine in. It will immediately bring up restaurants in close proximity of your location before you even utter a word.

Google Now on Tap is a game-changer in Google Now development
Google Now on Tap is a game-changer in Google Now development

Contextual enhancement is the only development in Siri on iOS 9. Suppose you are going to have meeting with someone after few hours. Siri can use data from the Mail and Phone apps to setup quick info about the person and you will be just one tap away from them.

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If you get a call from an unknown number, Siri can also use information on your phone and in your e-mails to suggest who that person might be. Siri has been supercharged to search through all of your iOS software, including iTunes, apps and contacts. Kind of like what Google Now has done since Android KitKat back in 2013. Ahem.

These were the much invoking and pretty much all features that can be fairly distinguished between two different OS. Hope you had a complete insight on both worlds and you have made up your mind about all-the-more soothing option.

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